BioRelax® Herbal Balm

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  • multifunctional care product
  • for men and women
  • free of side effects and allergies
  • anti-aging
  • Regeneration for the skin
  • with pro vitamin A
  • for activation and vitalisation
  • can be used all over the body - even in the genital area

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BioRelax® Herbal Balm

vitalising and caring:
The significant effect of essential oils, beeswax and valuable skin care oils has been known for thousands of years. BioRelax® Herbal Balm combines these precious substances with an acid-free ointment base to create an outstandingly effective, vitalising skin care product.

  • vitalises, thanks to camphor, rosemary and lavender oil. The essential oils penetrate deeply
  • purest substances in pharmacopoeia quality
  • has a warming and relaxing effect
  • the pleasant fresh spicy fragrance is also invigorating and stimulating
  • protects the skin from moisture loss due to its rich fat base
  • especially beneficial in winter against wet and cold weather
  • also indoors against dry heating air
  • protects against minor skin injuries
  • makes the skin supple and velvety soft
  • helps the skin to build up its natural moisture barrier
  • preserves the skin's natural ability to breathe
  • supports the regeneration of the skin
  • the cell renewal process is stimulated and the skin is strengthened
  • purest substances in pharmacopoeia quality
  • preservative- and water-free
  • acid-free ointment base
  • with real beeswax (traditionally beeswax is used in medicine and physiotherapy as a heat pack for coughs, colds, pains of muscles and joints)
  • with lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia, medicinal plant of the year 2008, antibacterial properties, for fighting inflammations)
  • with rosemary (medicinal plant of the year 2011); externally, rosemary increases blood circulation, can also be used for gout, rheumatism and migraine)
  • with camphor (is known for its circulation-enhancing properties and is also used externally for muscle, joint and back pain)
  • with Pro Vitamin A

Fields of application
BioRelax® Herbal Balm is a universal balm for the entire body.

  • Facial care & protection
  • Chest rubs
  • Legs (recommended for dry skin or after sports)
  • Joints
  • Wound protection
  • Care in the intimate area
  • also baby skin
  • Care & protection of the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose
  • gums (is tasteless) and does not liquefy like conventional water-based creams
  • chapped lips
  • chapped hands & skin protection from environmental influences
  • foot care
  • in the buttocks area
  • after sports for the muscles
  • for sunburn
  • colds

Contents: 100ml
Rub in with a light massage.
BioRelax® Herbal Balm is excellent for the whole family and for sports.

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Height 6 cm
Width 7 cm
Depth 7 cm
Weight 0,125 kg