BioRelax® with Kleinsche fields | Medical devices #1

Kleinsche fields - the natural magnetic field that really works.

BioRelax® with Kleinsche fields - registered medical devices class 1.
Kleinsche fields are a gentle medical technology based on natural currentless magnetic fields. Users use them to support the treatment of illnesses, to improve health as well as for regeneration and performance enhancement. Discover the extraordinary effect of Kleinsche fields technology based on real (permanent) magnetic fields according to modelled on nature - completely without electricity and without electr...
osmog! This is only one of several features that distinguish Kleinsche fields from all other current-driven and artificial magnetic field products. Find out how Kleinsche fields work and why they inspire more people every day with their successes.

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How cell performance influences our health.

BioRelax® - like a natural charging station for the body.

Kleinsche fields have an effect on the body, especially overnight as a mattress topper in bed. Recharge your cells and start the day more vital! The supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells can be optimised in particular through functioning blood circulation. The same applies to the removal of toxins from the cells.
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Kleinsche fields Technology honoured with Innovation Award for Medical Products

Swiss health television QS24 honoured Kleinsche fields developer Bernhard Klein (photo) as a health visionary at the award ceremony in the category "innovative medical products".

The presentation of the valuable award - a large silver coin weighing 5 kg - was broadcast on television on various channels and can also be seen on Youtube....
Award winner Bernhard Klein with all his emotions in an interview after the broadcast: "I am very happy to receive this award also on behalf of my special team. It has been a long and difficult journey over many years to bring the development of Kleinsche fields to this point today. I thank my family for supporting me, especially my son Marco Klein. He carries on the whole subject with deep conviction, a lot of heart and energy. Likewise my staff and the many doctors and scientists who have helped to make Kleinsche fields what they are today."

But this should not be the end. Bernhard Klein continues: "Now things are really getting started! We still have so much ahead of us that we will present to the world in the next few years. People can look forward to many new developments and products in addition to new studies. Innovations around their whole body health and also for improved performance and for improved recovery in sport and everyday life."
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