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"Great growth needs the right minds, the will and the desire for change to create something new."

Are you interested in working for our company or in a collaboration?
– Working together with the best of the lateral thinkers and pioneers –

What is special about us?
Modern means doing things differently. The result is in the foreground. The paths we take are determined by our employees. That is why our employees want to stay with us for the long term. Just like our customers, they are valued as human beings and return this to us with outstanding performance. Unlike in many companies, we think it is good to give all our employees the freedom to determine for themselves how best to achieve the result for a task. Work in a structured way but design your own workplace and way of working. Less regulated, more encouraged. Discussing one's own ideas with others and then realising them in a focused way. And all this with the aim of helping people even better. If you are the kind of person who thrives in this kind of freedom and is enthusiastic about contributing your talents, then you will fit right in with our team of highly qualified lateral thinkers who work together to achieve great things. With a particularly good mix of good humour and concentrated work, we are proud of each and every one of our entire team!

Which subject areas?
Career opportunities are particularly available in the areas of sports, medicine and veterinary medicine. Growth requires far-reaching marketing and the presentation of our technologies in all market areas - for companies and end customers nationally as well as internationally. If your heart beats for one of these areas, for example, consulting in the field can bring maximum benefit and enthusiasm to the various customers.

From service to marketing - the following profile should apply to you:
You ...

- want to contribute your talents to a modern company?
- want to grow with your company in the long term?
- want to continue your education and training and become better and better?
- want to make a difference and be actively involved in shaping the company and its international growth?
- find solutions for every problem?
- love to communicate with people?
- want to help people?
- can go unconventional ways?
- like to get involved in projects?
- like to actively shape new projects with ideas?
- fluent foreign languages are advantageous?

Training / further education:
In addition to our very detailed internal further training in the technology areas, we also train medical product advisors in accordance with §31 MPG for qualified advice on our product developments.

Do you think you fit our expectations exactly?
Then please send us your application including CV and picture to the following e-mail:

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