Swiss Mountain Clinic - Successful with Kleinsche fields

Since the beginning of 2021, the Swiss Mountain Clinic has incorporated Kleinsche fields into its treatment concept with great success.
Clinic management Ulf Wiechel, Dr Petra Wiechel and Dr Friderike Wiechel on this:
"We are grateful to our patients for being able to use Kleinsche fields during treatments and in everyday life. Not only for us personally do we notice more energy and strength by sleeping on Kleinsche fields. We were even able to improve our already very good treatment results with the help of Kleinsche fields. That is why we use them in many ways, such as on our therapy beds during treatments and, if desired, also in the guest rooms, so that the patients can benefit from them as much as possible. For us, this is a significant added value for the patient, an indispensable addition to our treatment concept, which also visibly delights our patients. It speaks for itself that our patients often then also use the Kleinsche Fields directly at home on a daily basis in order to let their positive experiences with the Kleinsche Fields mattress topper continue to have an effect on them. Therefore, we can wholeheartedly recommend this!"

The Swiss Mountain Clinic, specialising in regulation and cause medicine, helps patients therapeutically holistically with a tailor-made therapy plan in addition to extensive diagnostic techniques, especially in the case of chronic illnesses, and goes much further than conventional clinics. In the idyllic mountain panorama, it is the number one health resort for many. In addition to regional patients, its patients also include many international people worldwide due to its highly qualified expertise.

Marco Klein, Managing Director of KleinMed AG (BioRelax® Kleinsche fields), says about this partnership: "We are thrilled with the excellently thought-out treatment concept of the Swiss Mountain Clinic. A clinic where people's health is truly in the foreground and where heart and soul, passion and family values are dedicated to the holistic health progress of patients. With a special kitchen team and a nutritional concept that is purely organic and at the highest level of health. This impressed us deeply and it was quickly clear that Kleinsche fields would be a perfect fit and help the patients even more. We are delighted to be able to help such a renowned clinic and its patients with our technology and knowledge."

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