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Kleinsche Fields

What are Kleinsche fields?

Kleinsche fields are a gentle medical technology based on natural currentless magnetic fields. Users use them to support the treatment of illnesses, to improve health and to regenerate and enhance performance.

Inspired by the earth's vital magnetic field, Kleinsche fields create their effect through permanent magnetic surfaces. Alternating north and south poles are incorporated inside in a complex arrangement. Their alternating polar arrangement is also called polymorphic (multiform).

With their measurable influence on the energy metabolism of the cells, their spectrum of effect and their possible applications are considered to be very diverse. Permanent magnets have long been used in naturopathy and, in the form of Kleinsche fields, are increasingly being used in conventional medical treatments.

How do Kleinsche fields work?

Kleinsche fields make use of the moving structures in our body for their effect. These include blood, lymph and nerve signals. This is because they have conductive properties.

Due to the constant flow of blood, the red blood cells (erythrocytes) also move with their negatively charged surface past the alternating magnetic north and south pole surfaces. In the process, their charge interacts with the pole changes according to the laws of physics, resulting in measurably more energy.

What is the effect of Kleinsche fields?

Kleinsche fields reach the blood, the lymph as well as the nerve pathways. They work in several ways:

1. blood circulation:

The circulation of the blood (microcirculation) via the alternating-polar magnetic fields generates measurable energy1 in the body, which supports blood circulation. Optimal blood circulation is important for the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, but also for the removal of metabolic toxins. Both are indispensable for cell performance.

2. cell performance:
Results from previous basic research as well as measurements2,3 and studies show that  Kleinsche fieldscan increase energy production (ATP) in cells. The more energy a cell can produce in its mitochondria (power plants of the cells), the more efficient the cell is. The energy produced in the mitochondria is crucial for the cell, both for its performance and function and for its healing processes.

3. brain performance:
Kleinsche fields have an influence on the activity of the brain via the nerve pathways. A study by the University of Mainz4 shows an increase in concentration, reaction speed and increased avoidance of mistakes. In addition, an influence on the motor area as well as the promotion of brain waves for easier and deeper relaxation was documented.

Based on these findings, the possible applications of Kleinsche fields become enormous. For exhaustion, illness, regeneration or the maintenance of health are always about the cell performance of the body. This makes systemic repair and healing processes possible for very different diseases.

What are Kleinsche fields used for?

Kleinsche fields became known through their successes with users in a wide variety of diseases. The question arises whether there are any complaints or diseases at all that do not benefit from a support of the blood circulation and the important cell supply associated with it. In our experience, blood circulation and the efficiency of the cells have a key function for any kind of healing process. Therefore, in our opinion, this can be particularly important for:

In order to be able to make general statements on these topics, further large-scale studies are required for the evidence. Furthermore, reports from users have revealed the effects of Kleinsche fields on various diseases and complaints, which are to be proven in planned studies. Kleinsche fields were designed for use at home and are also used by doctors and therapists. In addition, Kleinsche fields are increasingly being used by working people to prevent complaints that are mainly caused by one-sided stress. Concentration and the ability to react are also necessary on a daily basis, especially in working life.
They are also used by amateur and professional athletes for preparation, performance enhancement and regeneration. In the animal sector, Kleinsche fields are mainly used for pets and horses to improve health and treat diseases..

What makes Kleinsche fields so special?

Kleinsche fields combine several important functional aspects beyond their extraordinary effect:They do not generate electromagnetic fields (EMF), unlike technical devices, which can be harmful to health with their radiation.  Kleinsche fieldsare free of electrosmog.

They require only a very low magnetic field strength for their gentle mechanism of action.

Due to the complexity of their field design, the special natural mode of action, the diverse areas of application and the user successes, Kleinsche fields were awarded an innovation award.

How do I apply Kleinsche fields?

Kleinsche fields can be incorporated into various products for easy use in everyday life. So far they are available in:

BioRelax® Mattress Topper
The most successful form of application to date, as Kleinsche fields reach the entire body over a large area. By sleeping on Kleinsche fields, the body uses the many hours for the effect on cell performance. Like a natural charging station for the body, the cells can "fill up" or generate more energy. Nightly sleep is the most important regeneration time for the body - whether for the treatment of illnesses or for general health and performance. Therefore, application during this phase is particularly important. Sleeping on Kleinsche fields is as simple as it is ingenious - the mattress topper does everything by itself. Every night. Without the user having to think about anything. This simplicity together with the extensive effect makes it so popular and successful. A new dimension of relaxation and health care to be fit, rested and productive every day.

BioRelax® Seat Cover
Ideally suited for people who spend a lot of time sitting - both during working hours and at home. Supporting blood circulation in the back muscles is important to prevent tension and pain. In addition, Kleinsche fields have an effect on the activity of the brain with the aim of achieving a mentally relaxed and productive state. The simple application on chairs and various seating furniture corresponds to the same principle as that of the mattress topper. With this medical product, you will succeed in sitting healthier in everyday life without any effort.

BioRelax® Insoles
Compared to conventional insoles, Kleinsche fields are a very special everyday aid. Due to the support of the blood circulation, they serve to alleviate pain in the feet. In addition, the nerve pathways in the foot reflex zones, which are connected to the brain, are stimulated. The brain reacts measurably and demonstrably5 shows increased concentration and responsiveness.

BioRelax® Pads
These pads stand for universal application on every conceivable part of the body. With their help, local complaints can be targeted. Even though they do not reach the whole body systemically, like the mattress topper, their complementary effect can have great advantages. Depending on the size of the body part, the effective area can be selected as large as desired with several pads for an even better effect. Therefore, a larger number of pads is recommended for some parts of the body (e.g. back and legs). All Kleinsche fields products can be combined with each other as desired to achieve an even longer and better effect. Overdosing is not possible, even if several products are used at the same time. The more body surface is covered by Kleinsche Fields, the more extensive the effect. The development of new products is progressing so that there will be many more forms of application in the future. You will constantly receive new information, tips and descriptions on the application for diseases, complaints or for performance enhancement on this website or in our Newsletter in the future.

Has the effect of Kleinsche fields been scientifically confirmed?

Yes, the effect is scientifically confirmed through studies and measurements by renowned institutes and researchers. Please contact us for further details and more information.

Do Kleinsche fields have side effects?

No, there are no known harmful side effects, even after decades of research. Furthermore, unlike electromagnetic radiation (EMF), there have never been any harmful side effects with weak permanent magnetic fields in the worldwide study literature. Agencies and authorities worldwide classify weak permanent magnetic fields (as Kleinsche fields are) as safe without exception.

Why do Kleinsche fields have an influence on so many different diseases?

Kleinsche fields do not target the symptoms of a specific disease like certain drugs or substances. Studies1;3 and measurements have shown that Kleinsche fields have an influence on cell performance (mitochondria and ATP). Supporting blood circulation and the associated important cell supply with oxygen and nutrition as well as the removal of cell toxins are the basis for good cell performance. If cell performance is impaired over a certain period of time, this can lead to dysfunctions of the cells and thus to various diseases. The performance of the immune system can also be reduced. Therefore, treatment is always about addressing the cause instead of the symptoms.

Kleinsche fields affect elementary processes such as blood circulation and the measurable energy metabolism of the body's cells. Since the blood supplies all organs and cells, it is only logical that all parts of the body can benefit from optimal blood circulation over a large area. After all, every single cell is supplied via the blood. On the one hand, this includes the transport of oxygen and nutrients. On the other hand, efficient blood circulation is important for detoxification, i.e. the functional removal of waste products and cell toxins from the tissue.

When cells produce more energy again, a change in performance is possible. This can affect every cell in the body. Whether, in simplified terms, the muscle cells, skin cells, vein cells, joint cells, vision cells, or cells of the organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. - every cell can benefit.

What distinguishes Kleinsche fields from ordinary magnets?

Kleinsche fields differ from conventional magnets in that they are polymorphic. They are generated by an extremely complex interaction of the following field factors:
varying north-south alternation
Common magnets or magnet products do not fulfil this combination. Kleinsche fields have a special effect due to the particular variance of their north and south pole constellations.

What is the difference between Kleinsche fields and common current-driven magnetic field therapies?

There are many differences between Kleinsche fields and current-operated magnetic field therapies.

Current-operated magnetic field therapy:
The usual form of magnetic field therapy or magnetic field mats are mostly the widely used PEMF systems (PEMF: pulsating electromagnetic fields). These are operated by electricity (or rechargeable batteries) and generate electromagnetic fields through coils through which current flows. Depending on the manufacturer, a control unit with the respective programme produces different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to be radiated into the body. In most cases, these radiations pass through the entire body and each individual cell. Consequently, the irradiation with the respective frequencies must reach all cells. No distinction is made with regard to the type of cells (due to the technology). Both the potentially weakened cells and the actually healthy and already well-functioning cells are irradiated.

Magnetic field therapy systems of this kind are usually intended for short-term use. Too long or too intensive use beyond the manufacturer's specifications could have undesirable effects. Various manufacturers therefore recommend limiting the application time. A permanent active use of several hours can be questionable from our point of view.
Many of these devices are also not certified medical devices. The devices with medical device status then usually fall into risk and hazard class 2 (for medical devices). The higher the digit of the medical device class, the higher the risk of danger or health risk for the user.

Kleinsche fields:
Kleinsche fields Medical devices do not require electricity or batteries and do not emit electromagnetic radiation. No devices or programmes are necessary for them to work. Instead of signals generated by programmes,  Kleinsche fields produce their effect via constant but frequently changing field arrangements. Kleinsche fields also do not penetrate the body intensively with rays. With their gentle magnetic field strength, they reach a maximum height of 3 cm. This is completely sufficient. This is because they do not need to be stronger or penetrate deep into the body for their desired effect, but only reach blood, lymph and nerves in the upper tissue area.

Moreover, Kleinsche fields have a selective effect. This means that they do not have to directly affect all cells in the body. They primarily affect moving structures in the body - the blood, lymph and nerve signals. The gentleness of Kleinsche fields even allows for almost permanent or daily use on the body, rather than just a few minutes as with other devices or systems. This prolonged use has enormous advantages.

By using them anywhere and also wearing them directly on the body, they are much more flexible than conventional electricity-powered systems.  Kleinsche fields therefore adapt completely to everyday life and life situations. They are firmly integrated into the product. They do not even have to be charged and are therefore permanently ready and effective at any time.

With Kleinsche fields there are no long or complicated operating instructions. There is also no need to determine which programme is the most suitable for the individual user in the respective state of health or day. Because Kleinsche fields do not have to be set. The body regulates itself within its maximum natural possibilities.

Kleinsche fields cannot be forgotten. Whether in bed at night, at home during the day or on the road. Not having to take extra time, but having your mind free and using time for nice things is an important criterion for many users, in addition to the special effect.

Kleinsche fields are also free of harmful side effects. They can even be used by certain patients who are categorically excluded as users of some current-driven magnetic field systems due to health risks.

Kleinsche fields are medical devices because of their effectiveness. Due to their excellent safety profile, they do not belong to the higher risk and hazard class 2, unlike current-operated magnetic field systems, but to the lowest risk class, medical device class 1.

The developer Bernhard Kleinsche aim in developing the system was to make a better and highly effective magnetic field available to people without any undesirable side effects. It was to function in the best possible natural way, following nature's example, and be flexibly usable for everyone. As an aid, it should be usable both for maintaining health and for treating illnesses. And all this with the highest scientific standards. Today, all of this is proudly combined in Kleinsche fields, which are shaping a new era of magnetic fields.

² The Handbook of the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (Barnes FS and Greenbaum B), a standard work, also dealt with static magnetic fields. The authors noted that there are now numerous studies on the effects of static magnetic fields in animals and humans. These studies show that there are only small and non-significant changes in cardiovascular and circulatory parameters in MRI applications with static field strengths of up to 8 T. The results of these studies are not significant. In contrast, moderate-intensity static magnetic fields, ranging from 1 to 350 mT, were found to have significant circulatory system effects, especially on skin microcirculation and arterial blood pressure. They cited numerous literature references, including some listed in this section, on both areas of effect. They also cite an author who, starting with the use of the geomagnetic field by animals, suggested further research on the magnetoreceptor system. They also mentioned that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) stated in 2002 that static magnetic fields are not classifiable as carcinogenic to humans.

1. Petrow J: The electrical effect of the alternating-pole permanent magnetic fields of the " Kleinsche fields" type on capillary stretches through which physiological saline solution 0.9%, double-distilled water or blood flow. Rostock 2014
2. König B: An in vivo/ex vivo/in vitro pilot study influence on clinical chemical parameters and mitochondrial peripheral blood leukocytes (PBMC) by polymorphic permanent magnetic fields of the Kleinsche type. MMD GmbH & Co KG / Prof. Dr. Brigitte König; 25.11.2014
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Frequently asked questions

Kleinsche fields have a magnetic flux density of ~ 30 mT. Magnetic field strength (magnetic flux density) in different measuring units at a glance:
T (Tesla)~ 0,03
mT (Millitesla)~ 30
Gauss~ 300
uT (Microtesla)~ 30.000
Explanation: The term magnetic field strength used in the vernacular is technically referred to as "magnetic flux density". In the past, magnetic flux density was given in the unit Gauss. Nowadays it is measured in the unit Tesla. At 30 mT, Kleinsche fields produce a measurable field height of approx. 3 cm. Important! Differences to electromagnetic fields (EMF): Even though electromagnetic fields (EMF) are measured in the same unit of Tesla, they are very different from a static permanent magnetic field. The radiation of electromagnetic fields reaches many times further with the same measured strength, which can have undesirable effects. Attention! Myth magnetic field strength: The field strength of permanent magnetic fields primarily says nothing about their positive effect on the body. A misconception of ignorant people is that the higher the magnetic field strength, the greater the effect. Some dubious suppliers of magnetic products take advantage of this and suggest a correspondingly good effect on the body with high field strengths.

The cells of our body generate electricity through their metabolism. Wherever there is electricity, a magnetic field is physically created. Thus, every cell also has its own weak magnetic field. According to worldwide studies, weak permanent magnetic fields have a positive effect on biological structures - both in humans and in animals. The scientific standard work(5) comes to the well-founded conclusion that if a too strong magnetic field is used, the fine biological structures can be influenced less or at least no longer positively. It appears that the cell "closes down". It is a fact that with static field strengths 1 to 350 mT are sufficient to have a significant effect on the circulatory system as well as the skin microcirculation and arterial blood pressure. Commercially available magnets or various magnetic products on the market usually have a significantly higher magnetic field strength. However, stronger is not better, but rather the opposite. Kleinsche fields do not require strong magnetic field strengths for their extraordinary effect, but only a relatively low field strength. Due to their special field construction, it is sufficient that they only reach the upper tissue under the skin. Kleinsche fields therefore represent a gentle form of action - modelled on nature.

No. Due to the developed inhomogeneity of the field, the moving structures (blood, lymph, nerve signals) are constantly re-addressed every few millimetres by the movement across the different plus and minus pole areas.

A break is not necessary. Daily use is even recommended. The energy generated by the body cannot be stored. Daily use continuously helps the body in regeneration to be able to perform at night as well as during the day.

As soon as the body is no longer supported by Kleinsche fields, the supply of the cells is also no longer supported. Therefore, regular use is recommended to support health and daily regeneration. Good circulation as a permanent condition is always desirable for best health. Overdosing is not possible. There is no such thing as too good blood circulation, only too bad. It is also not possible to pick up more oxygen in the lungs than there are carriers in the form of erythrocytes (red blood cells)..

If Kleinsche fields were able to regenerate or alleviate complaints, it was probably due to previously insufficient blood circulation or low cell performance as one of the causes. If the body lacks this support, e.g. the mattress topper, over a short or long period of time, it is only logical that the problem can return as a result. Since an overdose of Kleinsche fields is not possible and the energy generated at night cannot be stored, we recommend regular and permanent use for a lasting state of good health.

No! In most cases, users no longer want to miss the positive effects on their body. Or, if they don't use them, they notice that the body is less recovered or less able to perform. This makes Kleinsche fields a permanent companion for the users.