BioRelax® set 5x Kleinsche fields pads + 5x tapes

New product

  • 5 Kleinsche fields pads
  • 5 pieces of BioRelax® tapes (size of your choice)
  • special elasticated tapes
  • German handmade
  • Application on the entire body
  • easy handling, flexible use
  • Areas of application: Medicine, sport, everyday life
  • Dimensions of one pad: 22 x 5 cm - only 2 mm thin

Weight: 50g

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Medical device, top quality - German craftsmanship

It works, works, works ... and of course without electricity. We can even guarantee the technical functionality for life. The BioRelax® Kleinsche Field Pad is just 2 mm thin and can be used all over the body – even when travelling, no matter where you are. When using the BioRelax® Kleinsche Fields Pad, the blood moves over a special configuration of north and south pole surfaces that are incorporated into the pad. The magnetic effect from the outside immediately creates a measurable energy in the blood.

Advantages of the BioRelax® Kleinsche Fields Pad at a glance

  • Made by hand in Germany
  • Kleinsche fields are incorporated into the entire surface
  • the fields are permanently effective, do not wear out and never need to be recharged
  • Kleinsche fields do not require electricity or batteries (no electrosmog)
  • very elastic
  • can be used anywhere
  • can be used directly on the skin or over clothing
  • the Pad also work through all textiles
  • the closer to the body the better (maximum effective distance to the body 30mm)
  • can be used around the clock, day and night
  • recommended for continuous use
  • also recommended for sports
  • easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • can be disinfected
  • for children, adults and animals
  • free from harmful side effects
  • can also be used with metal implants in the body
  • can also be used on the entire body by people with pacemakers (at least 1.4 cm away from the HSM)
  • BioRelax® Kleinsche Field Pads have not caused any damage or malfunctions to technical devices and objects in recent decades
  • can also be taken on flights (hand luggage recommended for easier visual inspection)

BioRelax® Kleinsche Fields Pads can be used on the entire body.
The following body areas are examples:

  • on wrists or ankles can be fixed with the straps
  • on arms
  • on legs (e.g. insert into a longer stocking or tights)
  • on the back
  • on the neck (e.g. wrap with a light scarf or shawl and hang around the neck or simply connect two BioRelax® tapes)
  • on the chest
  • can also be inserted into the stocking for the feet at night
  • Attention: you should not walk on the Pads - there is a risk of breakage)
  • any other parts of the body - Caution: Please do not bend the Pads, otherwise they may break. Bending is fine.
  • the Pads can be used in addition to other Kleinsche Felder products.
  • depending on the size of the area required, it is advisable to use several Pads - the larger the area covered, the greater the effective area
  • Several tapes can be connected to each other at the Velcro surfaces, e.g. for use in the neck and nape area or on the legs.