BioRelax® Kleinsche fields Insoles

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This innovative world novelty for the feet is elaborately hand-made by a certified medical product manufacturer in a German shoe factory.

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Medical product, top quality - German craftsmanship

The BioRelax® Kleinsche fields shoe insoles offer perfect wearing comfort. They are 3 mm thin and can be easily inserted into any shoe.
The unique technology of Kleinsche Fields has been scientifically studied and researched for years. When applied, the blood moves over a special configuration of north and south pole surfaces that are incorporated into our BioRelax® products. The magnetic effect from the outside immediately creates a measurable energy in the blood.
Kleinsche fields shoe insoles can also be worn at night while sleeping, e.g. pushed under the foot in a stocking. Alternatively, push between two stockings pulled over each other.

Fields of application: Medicine, sports, everyday life

FAQ's – frequently asked questions::

  • Which size should I choose if I am not sure?
    Answer: In this case, please choose one size larger. Because if the soles are a little too big, you can adjust them to your exact size with the scissors at the front of the toes. By trimming the end of the toe, you do not ruin any of the effect of the insoles.
  • Can I trim the insoles to fit myself with scissors?
    Answer: Yes, see previous answer.
  • Do the Kleinsche fields insoles also work if I place them under another insole?
    Answer: Yes, Kleinsche fields also work through other insoles.
  • Can I also use the insoles on other parts of the body?
    Answer: Yes, this is possible. The handling and use is similar to the Kleinsche Fields Power Foils.
  • What is the best way to clean the insoles?
    Answer: You can simply clean the soles with a little soap and water. If necessary, you can also care for the soles with a little leather care or Vaseline, for example.
  • Can I wear the insoles in different shoes?
    Answer: Yes, you can wear them in the street shoe as well as in the slipper or, as described above, at night in the sock to achieve the effect over the greatest possible time.

Height 0.2 cm
Width 8.3-9.8 cm
Depth 23.8-30.5 cm
Weight (kg) 0.136-0.196 kg

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Height 0,5 cm
Width 8,3-9,8 cm
Depth 23,8-30,5 cm
Weight 0,106 kg